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 Lesson 4 - chat binds

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PostSubject: Lesson 4 - chat binds   Fri Jun 20, 2014 6:20 pm

Chat binds

There are two different types of chats available: say and vsay

This is like a common TEXT MESSAGE in chat area without sounds

bind x "say HELLO BHS!"
-> when you press x the message "HELLO BHS!" will appear as if you have typed it in chat area.

This makes use of the numerous voice chats available in ET.

bind x "vsay hi"
-> when you press x the voicechat "Hello" will be heard. (as if you pressed v54)

To use a voicechat, you need to know the commands. Following is a list in which the first row indicates the desired sound and the second row the command you will have to use for the sound:

Path cleared. - PathCleared
The enemy is weakened. - EnemyWeak
All clear. - AllClear
Incoming! - Incoming
Fire in the hole! - FireInTheHole
I'm defending. - OnDefense
I'm attacking. - OnOffense
Taking fire! - TakingFire
Mines cleared. - MinesCleared
Enemy in disguise. - EnemyDisguised

2. Requests
Medic! - Medic
I need ammo! - NeedAmmo
I need backup! - NeedBackup
We need an engineer! - NeedEngineer
Cover me! - CoverMe
Hold fire! - HoldFire
Where to? - WhereTo
We need Covert Ops! - NeedOps

3. Commands
Follow me! - FollowMe
Let's go! - LetsGo
Move! - Move
Clear the path! - ClearPath
Defend our objective! - DefendObjective
Disarm the dynamite! - DisarmDynamite
Clear the mines! - ClearMines
Reinforce the offense! - ReinforceOffense
Reinforce the defense! - ReinforceDefense

4. Talk
Yes! - Affirmative
No! - Negative
Thanks a lot! - Thanks
You're welcome. - Welcome
Sorry! - Sorry
Oops! - Oops

5. Global
The enemy is weakened. - EnemyWeak
Hi! - Hi
Bye. - Bye
Great shot! - GreatShot
Yeah! - Cheer
Hold your fire! - HoldFire
Good game! - GoodGame

6. Function
I'm a soldier. - IamSoldier
I'm a medic. - IamMedic
I'm an engineer. - IamEngineer
I'm a field ops. - IamFieldOps
I'm a covert ops. - IamCovertOps

7. Objectives
Command acknowledged! - CommandAcknowledged
Command declined! - CommandDeclined
Command completed! - CommandCompleted
Destroy the primary objective! - DestroyPrimary
Destroy the secondary objective! - DestroySecondary
Destroy the construction! - DestroyConstruction
Construction underway! - ConstructionCommencing
Repair the vehicle! - RepairVehicle
Destroy the vehicle! - DestroyVehicle
Escort the vehicle! - EscortVehicle

8. Fire team chats
Attack! - FTAttack
Fall back! - FTFallBack
Cover me! - FTCoverMe
Disarm the dynamite! - FTDisarmDynamite
Fall back! - FTFallBack
Soldier, covering fire! - FTCoveringFire
Deploy mortar! - FTMortar
Heal the squad! - FTHealSquad
Heal me! - FTHealMe (will show a medic icon over head)
Revive team mate! - FTReviveTeamMate
Revive me! - FTReviveMe (will show a medic icon over head)
Destroy objective! - FTDestroyObjective
Repair objective! - FTRepairObjective
Construct the objective! - FTConstructObjective
Deploy landmines! - FTDeployLandmines
Disarm landmines! - FTDisarmLandmines
Call airstrike! - FTCallAirStrike
Call artillery! - FTCallArtillery
Resupply squad! - FTResupplySquad
Resupply me! - FTResupplyMe (will show a ammo icon over head)
Explore area! - FTExploreArea
Check for land mines! - FTCheckLandMines
Destroy satchel objective! - FTSatchelObjective (same file as FTDestroyObjective)
Infiltrate! - FTInfiltrate
Go undercover! - FTGoUndercover
Provide sniper cover! - FTProvideSniperCover

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Lesson 4 - chat binds
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