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 Problem solved - Goomba bug fixed

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PostSubject: Problem solved - Goomba bug fixed   Sun Dec 22, 2013 9:13 am

Woke up early, had some "Earl Grey - hot" (huge Captain Picard fan here  Wink ) and thought "Hey, these disappearing bodies when you jump on corpses are annoying"


So I took a look in the silent documentation (I encourage everyone to have a look):

I quote:
Falling damage can be either 500, 50, 25, 15, or 10 depending on the length of the fall. So if you set g_goomba to 5 and land on a player from a fall that would have damaged you 10HP, you will inflict 50HP of damage on the player you land on, and you will only recieve 2HP of damage.

The damage is multiplied and not simply set here. The value was fucking brutal 500  Exclamation 

Let`s assume a jump on corpse does only 5HP damage:
5 x 500 = 2.500

I think this was done to allow "instant goomba", but the inflicted damage probably was too high, therefore the corpses just vanished.

Instead I set it to 20 and activated the "Insta-gib goomba" flag. Works perfectly.
Only thing I miss now is the "splash" sound, but overall I think it`s an improvement.

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Problem solved - Goomba bug fixed
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