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 native English is confusing?? Try Scottish Slang

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PostSubject: native English is confusing?? Try Scottish Slang   Tue Aug 14, 2012 10:48 am

a, ah - I
aboot - about
ahyacunt - Ouch, that hurt
airt - Art or culture
am ur - I am
am'no - I am not
amurNay - I am not
aslaat - "I was like that"; i.e., I was remarked to
say (So the boss sez tae me that I was lazy,
and aslaat "Naw amurNay!")
Auld Reekie - Edinburgh (Scotland's capital city)
awiznae - I was not
awrite - alright
aye - Yes
arse bandit - a gay man
anno - I know
bairn - child
baltic - really cold (It's baltic!)
bampot - an idiot, unhinged person (He is a
bastirt - bastard, also a term of endearment
(awright Ted ya wee bastirt)
bawbag - scrotum, pejorative (That guy's a
bawsed - drunk (I was pure bawsed the other
berd - vagina/hairy vagina
bevvy - drink ("Ye havin a bevvy the nite?"
blootered - drunk
boaby - police. Can also mean penis (She's pure
gettin the boaby the night!!)
boggin - smelly, dirty (That's boggin'!)
bolt - go away ("Gonny you bolt!")
boot - ugly woman (Shut it, ya boot!)
bowfin - smelly, similar to howfin .
brassic - Skint
braw - beautiful, as in 's'a braw bricht moonlicht
nicht the nicht.'
"belter" - to be excellent, great, fucking fantastic.
bead-rattler - Catholic
bride - female ned
Barras - a short slang term for a place called the
Barrowland in the east end of Glasgow
cannae - can not
chanking - extremely cold
chib/chibbin - a chib is a weapon (knife, bat,
wood) - chibbin is the adjective ("He's gonnae
get a chibbin!")
claes - clothes
cooch - lie down ("Cooch doon fae the night")
coupon - face ("What's the matter with your
cunt - either an insult (You're a total cunt), as
part of a threat ("I'm gonnae kick your cunt
in") or as a general word for others ("Everycunt
wis at Dylan's party", "It took five cunts tae bring
down Steven in that fight", "Naecunt showed up
to Lauren's birthday")
dancin - nightclub
dead - usually used with "pure" in front to
describe something (That's pure dead
brilliant!!! )
diddy - did he? Also means idiot and female
breasts ("Diddy go tae school?" "Wait! Ye left yur
keys ya diddy!" "Check oot the diddies oan her.")
dicht - Wash/wipe ("Gie yer face a dicht wi that
cloot, it's barkit")
dog/doggin - Having sexual intercourse in the
back of a car ( Oh my God. they were doggin'! ),
or skipping school (I couldn't be bothered so
ended up jus doggin it )
doon - Down. ("Turn that doon! We got a fuckin
can theif! TURN THAT DOON!")
driech - A combination of dull, overcast, drizzly,
cold, misty and miserable weather ("It was a
dreich day" ) Possibly a mis-spelling of dreich.
drookit - drenched, pouring wet ( After a couple
o' pints in the pub I fell inta the ditch on
mae way hame; mae rags are drookit. )
dug - a dog
doss - brilliant, good. ("that chicken soup was
doss like!")
donner - a walk (comin fur a wee donner doon
dobber - a fool/stupid person
dullion - brilliant (that's pure dullion man)
edgy - watch out (edgy the polis)
erse - a person's bottom, also a term for an idiot
(He started actin like an erse, so I kicked his
an empty - the residents who live in the house
are not present and people take advantage by
having a party in the "empty" house. ("Ma
granny's got an empty, moan up fur a swallae.")
fanny - vagina, also means stupid person and/or
fannybawbag - general insult
fannybawz - a term of endearment/ridicule (ho,
here fannybawz, geez a chip)
feert - to be scared, afeared (I'm feert of the
fousty - dark and damp, fusty , foisty
fud - a complete and utter dobber ( Where's ma
money, ya fud? ) also meaning vagina (Ah
booted her right in the fud man!)
fitbaw - football
gas cookered - rhyming slang for snookered -
means to be extremely intoxicated ("Ye shoulda
seen Laura the other night, she was heavy gas
gantin - smelly
geggy - mouth - "( Wheesht yer geggy")
Glesgae - Glasgow
Glesga - Glasgow
Glesga smile - a scar running from the corners
of the mouth to the end of the jawline on each
side of the face.
Glesga kiss - headbutt
glaekit - not very intelligent
gobble - blowjob
gonnae no dae that - please do not do that
gowpin/lowpin - sore body part - ( My knee is
gowpin )
gawk - to stare ("wits that bawbag gawkin at?")
ged - meaningless term ("wit ya dain ged?")
goon - Idiot("Your a pure goon,man!")
granpaw/granmaw Grandfather/grandmother
gads - exclamation of disgust ("Did ye see that
guy bein' sick. Gads.")
gypo (pronounced "jippo" - short for the word
'gypsy' - means manky/dirty/smelly person ("He
looks like a pure gypo.")
gingin (pronounced "ging-in" - means disgusting
("He wis spewin his guts up (being sick), it was
heavy gingin!")
hackit - ugly
hame - home
hoose - house
hawn - hand
handers - To assist someone in a fight '
Pronounced 'haw-ners'(Geez handers here mate
there's loads ae thum!)
hen - term of endearment for a woman,
equivalent to 'love' or 'darling' ("How ye dain the
day, hen?")
heid - head
helfy - Very good, excellent (That was a helfy
night like!)
helpy - A game played by youngsters, a variation
on the game of 'Tig', usually via back-greens and/
or parks
hinging - hungover
hole - sex ("She's gettin her hole the nite fur
howfin/howlin - smelly
hoachin - Filthy( This place is hoachin by the
way) or full (this place is hoachin wae
hunners eh fanny n that meaning this place
is full of hundreds of good looking girls)
heavin - very busy place ("This pub is heavin, ye
canny get movin.")
honkin - smelly/dirty ("Your farts are honkin by
the way.")
hoor - slang term for the word 'whore'
hoormaister - slang term for promiscuous men
("How could ye shag ma sister ya hoormaister?")
hemo - fit of rage ("She took a mad hemo.")
herry - an unattractive female ned, female ned
who thinks they are tough
herry fit - fit of rage/shouting abuse or threats,
equivalent to a bitch fit ("She took a herry fit.")
how? - why?
jaked - being in a state of drunkenness ( I was
jaked last night )
jake(y) - a homeless or unkempt person (usually
describing an alcoholic)
jessie/jessy - wimp/big girl's blouse
jobby - poo; plural form "jobbies"
jobby jabber - a gay man
ken - term for the word 'know' (I ken who he
is, but I dinnae ken him, ken him); not used in
Glasgow area
knob - insult, a person lacking intelligence. Also
means a man's penis. ("Wit a knob!" "Check the
size eh his knob.")
knob-cheese - insult, a smelly unintelligent
person ("Fuck off ya knobcheese!")
knob-jockey - insult, derogatory term for gay
men and promiscuous women ("Keep your arse
tae the wall, he's a knobjockey, him." "She likes
the sausage, she's a knobjockey." (whore)
keeker - someone who has been punched in the
eye and bruised
kip - sleep/nap ("If yur tired, try fur a kip."
"Where's John? Is he kipping?"
lecky - bills ("She got her electricity cut aff cause
she didnae pay her lecky.")
liftit - to be arrested by the police. e.g. He wiz
totally pished an the polis liftit him
loaby - hallway, lobby , passageway
lowtin - very sore ("My heid is loutin.")
magic - great/excellent
maw - mum (Aye yer maw)
mawkit/ manky - very dirty (Your trousers are
mawkit!! Ya manky wee bam!!)
meltit/melted - to be off one's face, usually on
drugs - (Ah was pure melted man!)
mince - rubbish/nonsense - (Dae talk mince)
minger/mingin - originally a Scottish word for
dirty/smelly/horrible thing or person
minted - rich/wealthy ("Look at his motor, he
must be minted.)
melt - face ("I'll batter your bastirt melt in wi this
nae danger - no problem ("Ye want mince and
totties fur yur dinner? Nae danger.")
napper - head
naw- no
ned- acronym for 'non-educated delinquent',
useless waster, troublemaker
nip - kiss (gonae give us a nip) or a single
measure of an alcoholic spirit, often whisky (geez
a nip wi that pint will ye darlin')
nippin - nagging
numpty - a useless individual/moron
nut - head
oaf - off
oot - out
oan yer bike - go away
oan yer trolley - go away
pan - break or disfigure (pan the windows in)
pan breid - rhyming slang for deid/dead (ma
dad's pan breid )
paps - a female's breasts
paw - Father
pished - drunk
pashed - drunk
pluke - spot ( plukey wee bam-cake )
pure - very, totally ( I was pure drunk last
night )
polis - the police
poor-oot - Outside the church at a wedding,
loose change (usually coppers) are spilled out
onto the ground for kids to collect
puss - person's face
pratit - no money/poor/no wages left ("Ah canny
go oot the night, am pratit.")
pie - vagina, also means idiot/stupid or stupid-
looking person. ("Hawl you ya pie!")
quality - great/excellent ("That film was quality.")
sausage - penis ("She likes the sausage, that
Maggie wan.")
skonn - to hit with a thrown object - (Some diddy
just skonned the back of ma napper wi a pie)
scared eh the berd - male virgin
scheme - residential area
scooby - clue, (Dae hae a scooby) ((Scooby
scramble - a wedding tradition where the father
of the bride would throw small change from the
departing wedding car to neighbouring kids
scran - Food or to eat (he pure scranned aw
his scran dead quick!)
scunnurt - fed up (Ah'm pure scunnurt)
shottie - an Edinburgh and Lothians term
meaning "Look out" - (goan keep shottie while
ah chorey some tabs), (shottie! thurs a car
skelp - to smack or hit someone/thing (He telt
me tae get ma tits oot so I skelped him) (I
skelped ma heid oaf the heidboard)
skiddle - to play in water
skoosh - easy, also means juice (That exam was
a skoosh) "Go tae the shoaps and get us skoosh,
will ye?"
skuddy - naked ("Did ye see Jimmy? He was in
the skuddy!")
slitter - to dribble food/miss the mouth
solid - hard, tough (I wouldnae say nowt tae
him man, he's solid)
sook - big softie (ya wee sook)
steamin - drunk
stoater - a good one (he jist goat skelpt a
stoater )
stocious - heavily drunk, (He was blootered;
totally stocious!)
store dug - lazy/laid back
stowed oot - busy, full (That pub is stowed
swallae - to swallow, also means alcohol ("Dae
ye fancy gon fur a wee swallae doon the pub?")
swatch - to look at
skint (slang term for the word 'skinned') - no
money/poor/no wages left ("Ah canny gi ye a
lenny money the noo, am as skint as a Jew's
snib - nose
senga - female ned
talking oot yer fanny flaps - talking nonsense/
tan/tanned - to drink/drunk (I tanned ten
pints last night!)'
tap - to borrow money from someone ("Can ah
tap a tenner aff ye?")
tan - smash windows (I'm gonny tan yer
tat/tert - adapted from 'tart', as in 'I asked fae
brown sauce, you dozy tat!' (absent-minded
that's a sin - what a shame
that's a liberty - what a shame
toaty - small/tiny
totties - potatoes
tube - an idiot/fool
teckle - brilliant, great (chiefly Dundonian) "that
mince roll was pure teckle like"
tink - someone who doesnt wash - "eeeh! that
wee guys a total tink!" OR a derogatory word to
describe a gypsie or other travelling peoples -
"Look eht ehm mad tinks crawlin aboot eh
indoostrel estate!" (abbreviation of tinker .)
wan - one (number or referring to an object
person) "Wan table please." "Wit wan de ye
welt - a penis (aye he's ugly but he's goat a
massive welt!)
wean - child
weedgie - a resident of Glasgow
wallap (pronounced "wa-lup") - to hit someone/
something ("Am gonnae wallap ye wan!") Can also
mean to bang a body part ("Ah pure wallaped ma
heid aff that table!")
wallaper (pronounced wa-la-pur - an insult,
meaning idiot/moron ("He's a pure wallaper.")
wallies (pronounced "wa-lees" - false teeth
yin (pronounced "yeen") - one (not the number
but referring to a person or object) "The big yin is
oan his way." "Ye want the big yin aff the shelf?")

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<BHS/3 SciroccO
<BHS/3 SciroccO

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PostSubject: Re: native English is confusing?? Try Scottish Slang   Tue Aug 14, 2012 5:06 pm

now u guys have a week time to learn this list. wordtest will be on next monday.

<BHS/3 Clan ***
- SciroccO

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PostSubject: Re: native English is confusing?? Try Scottish Slang   Tue Aug 14, 2012 11:50 pm

</3Pie wrote:

pie - vagina, also means idiot/stupid or stupid-
looking person. ("Hawl you ya pie!")
I thought your nick stands for something different Idea

THX to make that clear to me Laughing

Now i need to wallap my welt Wink ...

....affraid ....ahyacunt.....


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PostSubject: Re: native English is confusing?? Try Scottish Slang   Wed Aug 15, 2012 1:26 am


There`s an FX pedal for guitars that`s called "Big Muff Pie"

which could translate as "Big hairy vagina" Very Happy correct?

Scott, you dirty, dirty Scotsman!
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PostSubject: Re: native English is confusing?? Try Scottish Slang   Thu Aug 16, 2012 6:52 pm


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PostSubject: Re: native English is confusing?? Try Scottish Slang   Sat Aug 18, 2012 1:32 pm

Scottish Slang in my own opinion is a language of its own Wink

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PostSubject: Re: native English is confusing?? Try Scottish Slang   Mon Jan 05, 2015 8:00 pm

Very Happy  Very Happy  found this:

How to Understand Scottish Slang

Many visitors to Scotland are confused and intimidated by the unique Scottish slang words — not to be confused with the Scots dialect, a language in its own right. To make things even more confusing, each town has their own variations on common words, such as "bairn" in Fife or "wean" in Glasgow. (Both mean "small child.") Whether you're traveling to Scotland or just curious about some unique regional color, learning Scottish slang will likely bring a smile to your face.


1 Learn the basics:
Aye - Yes
Nah, Nae, Naw - No
Alright?, Awright? - How are you?/Hello
Nowt, Nuttin, HEEHAW - Nothing

2 Learn some phrases:
Fit ye on the day? - What are you up to today?
Craic the day? Hows it gaan? Fits the craic? - What are you doing today? second phrase is correct first is a pointless piece of writing by an eidgit, which has now been corrected and loads more of useful phrases added.

3 Learn some slang:
NED - Slang for a youth with problems/chav (Non-educated delinquent)normally an outspoken cheeky teenager also referred to as hoodies
Sound, eh - Great
Slaters - Wood Lice
Braw, fandabbydosy, brulliant, its a belter - Great (or pretty)

4 Say some more stuff:
Ye ken, no whit ah mean - You know, do you know what I mean
A cannie mind, ma heids away - I can't remember/think
Dinnae - Don't
Wit, Eh? - What
Bairn, rugrat, wean- Baby
Mankit, manky, reekin, mokkit, clatty - Dirty
craw - Crow (can also be used offensively, ie - look at that craw = look at that rough person)
stotter - someone who looks in a state normally used to refer to a drunkard who is wandering aimlessly about and stoating.
sassenach - A specific offensive word used against the English, or used to anyone not agreeing with your point of view not normally used towards english as stating they are english is normally offensive enough for Scots.
Coo, dug - cow, dog
baw - ball
eejit - Someone who is an idiot
the brew, the dole - unemployment office
dreekit, ringing - soaking wet
aw ya Bawbag - you're a dick, actually translates as Excuse me, You scrotum ! However this can also be said to a friend, meaning I have not seen you in a long time how are you doing?
in ma hoose, at ma bit- in my house
gimme ma haunbag, gies the hingie, gies the didgerydoodah - pass my bag, give me that thing, give me the.......
yir aff yir heid - you are off your head meaning you are insane, not understanding or just plain stupid.
gies yir patter, or gies yir banter - let me hear you say things in a local dialect that I can find amusing.
heid bummer- person in charge
get up yon close - go up the stairs
gutties, snibs, reekers, trannys, paki 2 bobs - meaning training shoes or plimsole
wheres yir wallies - where are your false teeth
its baltic, brass monkeys, blue balls - it is very cold outside
chibbed, dun in, a kickin, leathered, skudded, smacked good looking - you are about to be assaulted in a serious manner
wheesht - please be quiet
skelf - splinter (can be used to describe anything appearing rather thin and smaller than counterparts.
yir a skelf - you are very thin
awrighty troops, awright muckers - hello everybody (who are your friends)
it's a belter, top quality, its smashin - it is very good
am goin a donner - I am going for a walk
blether, natter - having a chat
get a grip, get a haud o yirsel - Calm down and amend the way you are thinking
you fancy a cuppa - would you like to go and get a cup of tea/coffee
wits oan the box - what is on the television
gies a break - please leave me alone
ah want a bag of crisps - I would like a bag of potato chips/slices
am goin for a chippie - I am going to the chip shop
chips - french fries
sweets - a variety of candy
bevvy, cairy oot, take away, offies, - having an alcoholic beverage
roon ma bit, ma gaff, - around the area where I live
an empty - an unexpected absence of parents where teenagers are left unattended and throw a party
a kipper - two faced and gutless person or a smoked haddock
yir nabbed - you have been caught
getting jumped - meaning you will be attacked later, or have a sexual encounter.
Elvis impersonator - drunk man found at 3.00am outside every dance hall in Glasgow millions have seen them
poaching - stealing animals or fish illegally or cooking eggs
nicking, nabbing, lucky dip - stealing
blues and twos, checkers, bizzies, pigs, scum, grunters, I smell bacon, paddy wagon, meat wagon - police and their vehicles
windae licker - meaning a person who is very special and requires alternative transport rather than mainstream
crack me up - meaning to laugh a lot or drive insane
it's a riot, rammy, randan, dogs bollocks, bees knees, top banana, off the chain - highly infectious fun
bampot, eidgit, twat, feckwit, divvy, heidbanger, heidcase - all meaning idiot of the highest level
dinked - meaning to be hit with a glass bottle over the head
tealeaf - meaning thief, burglar
five finger discount - stealing
ony, onywhere, onyway - meaning any, anywhere, anyway
whit the **** - meaning : What is happening? Why is this not working? What is going on? You cannot be serious?

Cya, your windae licker geek

<BHS/3 Clan ***
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PostSubject: Re: native English is confusing?? Try Scottish Slang   

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native English is confusing?? Try Scottish Slang
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