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 Brightness Toggle Script

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PostSubject: Brightness Toggle Script   Tue Jul 10, 2012 10:03 pm

Brightness script: changing the ingame brightness using a single key (in this case [ p ] ). Pressing it once sets 1.0, twice sets to 1.5 and so on… after pressing it 5 times it sets brightness back to default which is 1.0.

The brightness script only uses the r_gamma cvar. It also shows a small note text on the screen with green color and with red it shows the highest value reached (3.0).

seta gamma000 “echo ^2GAMMA 1.0 MIN!; set r_gamma 1.0; set nextrgamma vstr gamma001″
seta gamma001 “echo ^2GAMMA 1.5!; set r_gamma 1.5; set nextrgamma vstr gamma002″
seta gamma002 “echo ^2GAMMA 2.0!; set r_gamma 2.0; set nextrgamma vstr gamma003″
seta gamma003 “echo ^2GAMMA 2.5!; set r_gamma 2.5; set nextrgamma vstr gamma004″
seta gamma004 “echo ^1GAMMA 3.0 MAX!; set r_gamma 3.0; set nextrgamma vstr gamma000″
seta nextrgamma “vstr gamma000″
bind p “vstr nextrgamma”

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Brightness Toggle Script
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