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 It´s about me^^

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PostSubject: It´s about me^^   Sun Jul 08, 2012 11:00 am

I heard from someone, that some persons dont like my style to play..."rambomedic" and so on. So i will aks you all if its true?!

Some words from me to this situation: I think, im not sooo bad and if i play medic, i try my best to revive teammates and that is in my opinion the point why im not a rambomedic. Rambomedics are medics who ran fast trough the area without any look of teammates...

yeah, so pls say something about it Wink
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PostSubject: Re: It´s about me^^   Sun Jul 08, 2012 11:43 am

Oh oh, pale The word "rambomedic" is dangerous here in BHS, Chris. Wink

Usually we use the term "rambomedic" for players who want to show off how good they are by getting as much kills as possible. They constantly selfheal without caring for or reviving their teammates. In a fight 1 vs. 1 they tend to fire, run away and heal and then come back to kill their opponent.

This way of playing is frustrating for those who get killed and has become a very difficult and sensitive subject around here. So sensitive, that by only choosing the class of medic you will be suspected to be one of the bad, bad "rambomedics". Laughing

What I have seen so far from you is that you`re an excellent medic.
You`re alert all the time, give out health to your teammates and revive very quickly. Therefore in my point of view you are no rambomedic. But we have some "hardliners" around here who believe that a medic who (and be it only ONCE) picks up his own healthpack is a rambomed.

So my advice:
I haven`t seen this from you but you know best how you play. Just reduce the healthpacks you give to yourself to a minimum. Bear in mind that even without healthpacks medics regain healthpoints with time.

One last thing, to show you what a difficult subject this is:
Even the strongest opponents of "selfhealing" have been seen doing it from time to time. tongue At least that`s what I`ve been told. So don`t take it all too personal, it`s hard to suit everybody. Just keep in mind:

Kills don`t mean skills. Exclamation

alles Gute
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</3 D4Ch5


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PostSubject: Re: It´s about me^^   Wed Jul 18, 2012 7:59 am

soooo, a little resume Wink

last time i try to choose the way to play as an engineer (sometimes fieldop and covertop) and not as typical as a medic. the next point i practised is to heal myself in a closer way, sometimes of course no selfheal, also as a medic. so i hope it enjoy´s you and we see us Wink



btw. a little explanation about my avatar: leonardo da vinci impressed me and i think my profile-picture shows a pretty combination of the badger and the study from this awesome person.
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PostSubject: Re: It´s about me^^   

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It´s about me^^
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