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 Server Rules

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<BHS/3 SciroccO

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PostSubject: Server Rules   Wed Aug 17, 2011 1:06 pm

Server Rules

Have fun

Respect all players

Play objective

Abusive language of any kind is not tolerated

No cheats or hacks

Spawnkilling with heavyweapons, nades, arty or supportfire is NOT allowed

No spawncamping

No spamming

No xp farming

Medics revive teammates

No advertising/recruiting

No tag/name stealing

Please don't beg for levels

No trickjump for objective

Even the teams all times

Please follow these rules to let everyone have a good time

Ps. If you can shoot pls don't be sissy and rape others as rambo medic...instead u can grow some balls..
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Server Rules
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