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 Brightness/Gamma "Slider" Script

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PostSubject: Brightness/Gamma "Slider" Script   Sat Jan 03, 2015 10:26 pm

Hi guys.. I've found a more advanced gamma script.. its far superior to the one previously posted..

bind KP_PLUS "vstr gup"
bind KP_MINUS "vstr gdn"
set gdn vstr gamma00
set gup vstr gamma01
set gamma00 "set r_gamma 0.9;set gdn vstr gamma00;set gup vstr gamma01;echo ^pGamma^1MIN^2========="
set gamma01 "set r_gamma 1.0;set gdn vstr gamma00;set gup vstr gamma02;echo ^pGamma^2=^1|^2=========="
set gamma02 "set r_gamma 1.1;set gdn vstr gamma01;set gup vstr gamma03;echo ^pGamma^2==^1|^2========="
set gamma03 "set r_gamma 1.2;set gdn vstr gamma02;set gup vstr gamma04;echo ^pGamma^2===^1|^2========"
set gamma04 "set r_gamma 1.3;set gdn vstr gamma03;set gup vstr gamma05;echo ^pGamma^2====^1|^2======="
set gamma05 "set r_gamma 1.4;set gdn vstr gamma04;set gup vstr gamma06;echo ^pGamma^2=====^1|^2======"
set gamma06 "set r_gamma 1.5;set gdn vstr gamma05;set gup vstr gamma07;echo ^pGamma^2======^1|^2====="
set gamma07 "set r_gamma 1.6;set gdn vstr gamma06;set gup vstr gamma08;echo ^pGamma^2=======^1|^2===="
set gamma08 "set r_gamma 1.7;set gdn vstr gamma07;set gup vstr gamma09;echo ^pGamma^2========^1|^2==="
set gamma09 "set r_gamma 1.8;set gdn vstr gamma08;set gup vstr gamma10;echo ^pGamma^2=========^1|^2=="
set gamma10 "set r_gamma 1.9;set gdn vstr gamma09;set gup vstr gamma10;echo ^pGamma^2==========^1|^2="
set gamma11 "set r_gamma 2.0;set gdn vstr gamma010;set gup vstr gamma00;echo ^pGamma^2===========^1MAX"

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Brightness/Gamma "Slider" Script
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